Friday, March 28, 2008

In the Year 2301 A.D.

If humans suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth and scientists from another planet were sent here to learn about us, what conclusions do you think they would draw just from viewing today's print and electronic communications? Would they think thin people were the underclass without enough to eat? It might be puzzling to see pictures of paper-thin models wearing expensive clothing and jewelry and starving refugees not. Might they think models were enslaved and forced to wear these things? They seldom smile anymore and some look downright famished so that might be a logical conclusion. What will these scientists make of the fact that superficiality has become a desirable quality? That confidence, once measured by poise and strength of character, is now based on having a flat stomach, large breasts, perfectly carved nose or a six-pack? Maybe our species died-off when standards of beauty changed from thin to fat and everyone who wanted to be somebody gorged themselves to death. There was a time when a curvaceous body symbolized wealth and sensuality. But, then moderation in all things was virtuous. People were judged by their characters, not so much by their appearances. Will it appear that we replaced living mindful lives in favor of pursuing exterior perfection? And WHAT will they think when they see illustrations of liposuction, rhinoplasty and other, torturous-looking procedures done in the quest for beauty?

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nutmeg96 said...

Maybe they'll think we all starved to death when they see all the skinny people in the pictures. ;)