Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hey Ralph! Get over yourself!!

Ralph Nader has announced his intention to run for President again. I have decided that his huge ego has been out of the limelight for too long and he needs a fix. Why else would he run again? He has no chance of winning the presidential race. Some are calling him a spoiler. While that may be valid, I view him as more of an unfortunate anachronism. He might have had a slim chance when he was a bold crusader for consumer safety during the 60s and 70s. Then he became an advocate for conservation and preservation, all good moves. He fulfilled his goals of making the public aware of these issues and can take credit in swaying Congress to adopt legislation to protect health and safety and to preserve natural resources. However, big business is no longer afraid of Ralph Nader. Federal agencies and the general public got his message and are taking over where he left off. Nader's time to lead and influence is over. His announcement is about self-aggrandizement, not fresh policies or ideas. His engraved-in-stone attitudes and methods would not make him a good president. It takes the cooperation of the three branches of government to get things done. He is one of many candidates, past and present, who choose to ignore this fact. Having said that, the current administration seems to believe that it can act alone and with impunity. That will end once Congress gets it's act together enough to enact legislation to prevent future free-wheeling. To Mr. Nader I say: Please don't run again. You will not be elected and your entry into the competition may do more harm than good. Don't ruin your sterling legacy as a dedicated advocate for good government. You are more effective on the outside than you would be on the inside.


Nan said...

Hear, hear!

nutmeg96 said...

He has got to be a full-on narcissist. If he really wanted what was best for the country, he would have learned from his experience in 2000, when he arguably changed the course of history. In 2000, one of the greenest presidential candidates in history lost because of Ralph's candidacy. True, a stronger Dem candidate would have won anyway, but you'd think Ralph would care about this. Instead, he just bangs the drum for attention again. Whose side is he on, anyway?

dcpeg said...

He's on his OWN side and it's tragic because he used to be an admirable crusader for the wellbeing of the average person. He's gotten "too big for his britches!"