Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gratuitous Cuteness VII

Sailing was one of Dad's passions. Even as a little guy, Zach always welcomed opportunities to go out on the boat.

I took this picture on Father's Day, 1997. The weather was good for sailing and Dad was just itching to get out on the bay. Zach, his mother and I decided to go out with him, but Mom stayed home with a dreadful migraine. We grown-ups thought a quiet house might help Mom recover sooner.

Zach's official job, an important one, was to watch for and warn Dad of crab pot buoys. We all watched out for these treacherous traps because their cables could catch the screw, get hopelessly tangled and kill the engine.

When we were away from the harbor Dad turned off the engine and unfurled the mainsail. Zach was unusually quiet, though still vigilant for buoys.

The silence of sailing is always a joy, but this silence was different. Zach finally told his mom that he wanted to go back to shore because he was worried about Gwammy. As disappointed as we all were, we knew what we had to do. Dad went out a little farther, then turned around and headed back.

As we entered the harbor, we waived to surprised fellow sailors. Zach was intent on getting back into the slip and back to his beloved Gwammy. When we walked into the house he was greeted with hugs and kisses and his relief was genuine.

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