Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alarming Insight

It's a rainy day and my thoughts went, once again, to trying to draw something recognizable. I was inspired by my niece to try doing a self-portrait. This soon proved to be a dreadful idea. I even cheated taking a photo of myself and tweaking it with a photo editing program to make it easier (oh, sure!) to copy by hand.

The insight came after I gave up on the portrait and started to doodle. Automatically, I started drawing 3 dimensional shapes -- deja vu all over again!! I used to sit in boring classes in college or meetings during my working life doodling the same things. I'm sure they symbolized being trapped in a box with no way out.

Then, I spotted a recent artistic endeavor and realized I'm still stuck inside walls with no openings! Here's what I mean:
I actually enjoy doing this home-made paint by numbers sort of things. Does this indicate something I should worry about? I'll have to cogitate on that a bit more.

Outside insight is welcome and will be appreciated!

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