Friday, February 15, 2008

The Awakening. . . no more

Within days, this beloved sculpture will be exhumed or resurrected from his resting place. His creator cannot be blamed for selling his work. He most graciously loaned it to the National Park Service for many years. Still, I wish something could have been worked out to keep the gentleman where he seems to belong.
His dramatic perseverance during floods and heavy snows were awe-inspiring not to mention fabulous photo ops. A flooded K Street under the Whitehurst won't be nearly as inspirational when the river rises again. And who didn't cheer when receding waters revealed that the gentleman was still there? It's sort of analogous to DC residents' relationship with the U.S. Congress. It does it's best to keep us in bondage and we just keep fighting for our rights!
Politics aside, I would hazard to guess that millions of photographs have been taken of the gentleman. His head, with it's gaping mouth and wild beard has been a particular favorite for youngsters because they could connect with it on a physical level. However, thousands of little feet and not so little feet climbing on the gentleman's parts probably were not a good thing. And then there were the dreadful damages caused by careless drivers. I do hope his new stomping grounds will be warm and welcoming and safe.

Godspeed, Sir. Hains Point will never be the same without you.

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