Friday, January 4, 2008

Totally Unexpected Freedom

Someone -- who shall remain nameless because I really don't know if it was me or spouse -- poked me in the eye one night this week. It had to have been early morning because I remember having an odd dream about that very thing and waking up with a sore eye. Now, I'm not new to eye trauma -- I've had torn corneas before and burned my eyes under a sunlamp during my fool-hardy teen years, so this was not at all novel. As a matter of fact, it didn't hurt as much as when spouse caught my eye while swinging into his jacket one Christmas Eve. Anyway, make-up just seemed unwise until my eye stopped tearing and the swelling went down. I had promised to take a friend grocery shopping on the same day I was afflicted. She has poor eye-sight, so I had to haul out my reading glasses to read the expiration dates for her. It became a pain in the butt to keep switching between dark to reading glasses, so I put away my shades. The point of all this is that I discovered that my appearance sans make-up doesn't horrify the public!! This is huge for someone who, previously, would not have been caught dead without war paint. As I've aged, I've lightened my look -- don't want to be one of those old crones who insists on turquoise eye shadow, globs of mascara and bright, misplaced rouge. Still, it was unthinkable to go out in public without make-up or large, dark glasses! Holy Cow!! The cashier checked us out without batting an eye. What a revelation to know going out au naturale didn't frighten people. This could start a trend for me: freedom from cosmetics. . . . well maybe not lipstick and blusher, oh, and a little eyebrow pencil just for a bit of definition . . .. ;-}


Nan said...

How many times have I told you, "You'll poke your eye out!" Tee hee.

How about wearing a catcher's mask to bed from now on? Maybe not.

Welcome to the ranks of MFGs (makeup free goddesses)! Even if you're only temporarily visiting...

Yer GD (makeup free since 1990—perhaps to the detriment of mankind, but oh well)

dcpeg said...

Don't you think a goalie mask would make more of a statement? I could really creep out spouse with one of those - he loves ice hockey!!

Even if you don't wear make-up, moisterizer is a must and if Patty had her way,we'd wear sunscreen 24/7. . .*sigh*