Friday, January 18, 2008

Spam: My Kinda Soul Food

No, not the internet kind -- the hog-snout-and-tail kind. I grew up eating Spam and crave it every now and again. Since it keeps almost forever, I had a can in my pantry. Spam is brick-shaped, so the can is the same. I was not pleased when I inadvertently broke off the pull-tab to open it. It is no easier now than it was decades ago to open a Spam can with a standard can opener. Perseverance and an old knife got the job done. Don't know if it's the saltiness or softness that makes Spam so satisfying -- probably a combination of the two. I'm a purist when it comes to a Spam sandwich; bread and butter, maybe a slice of good ole American cheese and two slices of Spam and I'm in hog heaven! I know a couple who used to roast it like a tiny, cubic ham, covering it with brown sugar and mustard. That's overkill in my book. Hot or cold, I like my Spam unadorned. Bon appetite!

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Nan said...

Mmmm...spam and eggs....had it for breakfast yesterday! Must be in the genes. :-D