Monday, January 7, 2008

The Invitation -- by Carole Chavanne

Don't walk blindly Around the periphery Of my life. Come in and see And be with me Or go away. Think about it -- isn't that what we do most of the time? We're so tied-up with our own agendas that we ignore many of those around us. Some of my most interesting conversations have been those struck-up with strangers.

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Carole Chavanne Ver Eecke said...

Dear dcpeg's blog:
Hi. I'm Carole Ver Eecke. My maiden name is Carole Chavanne. I penned the poem "The Invitation" over thirty years ago. I'm thrilled that you liked and posted it and that it has stood the test of time. Can you please let me know where you found my poem? I don't even remember having had it published anywhere. I am stunned to have found it out there in cyber space. Best wishes. Sincerely Carole Chavanne Ver Eecke