Monday, December 10, 2007

I am so Spoiled

Every morning I enjoy a cold glass of orange juice and a hot cup of coffee.

I can choose a cool shower or a hot bath.

Clean clothes are the norm.

Several pairs of shoes meet my every need.

I learned to read and write years ago.

I cook for pleasure.

My door has three locks.

Health insurance is a given.

A machine washes my dishes.

A soft bed awaits me every night.

Transportation is a short walk to the garage.

I survived cancer.

Distant friends and family are a phone call or email away.

On a cloudy day I can turn on more lights.

When it rains or snows I can watch it from a comfortable chair.

My good fortune is magnified by a husband who loves me regardless of morning dragon breath and bed-head-hair. Wealth is not solely measured in dollars. I wish I could share my wealth with the man who lives next to the overpass.

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