Friday, December 21, 2007

Congress Uses DC Public Schools AGAIN

I cannot imagine another school system anywhere in the country that has been more abused and exploited by the Congress of the United States of America than DCPS. The latest (at least to be publicized) is a $2 million reading curriculum forced on us by Mary Landrieu, Democratic senator from Louisiana. The program has virtually no track record, so our children are once again being used as guinea pigs. The primary losers in this scenario are innocent children who must constantly adapt to new programs that don't always help and sometimes, set them back. Secondarily, educators and parents must somehow cope with these forced-feedings. [Odd how water-boarding comes to mind. . .] The biggest beneficiaries are the lobbyists who are winning lucrative contracts for their clients through their friends in Congress who, of course, also benefit. With this constant interference, it's no wonder our children's educational system is a mess. Professional educators and parents should make curriculum decisions, not the U. S. Congress.

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