Monday, October 22, 2007

Salam / Shalom

Thanks to the generosity of a special contractor, a Jewish congregation in Arkansas will finally have a new temple. Since 1981 Temple Shalom members have worshipped where they could, even buying a house to convert into a temple. Those plans were abandoned when residents complained about anticipated traffic problems. When the congregation purchased another property, general contractor Fadil Bayyari, a devout Muslim, born and raised in the West Bank, stepped in to help. He saved the members of Temple Shalom many thousands of dollars by waiving his regular fee and their synagogue is well on it's way to completion.
"Abraham is our forefather. We are cousins.
How we got to hate each other is beyond me."
-- Fadil Bayyari
Mr. Bayyari deserves praise not only because he recognizes the common threads of two, major religions, but also because he lives by the ancient, basic tenets of his faith, not the radicalized interpretation being instilled in the minds of today's young people.

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