Friday, October 26, 2007

Imagination vs. Knowledge

Even though I was born to talented parents, my creative genes seem to be dormant. My singing voice is mediocre, and I totally lack the abilities to draw or paint. I'm proud to say that my four siblings have fared far better in the way of inherited skills. I, on the other hand take comfort in something Albert Einstein believed:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Now there's a skill I have in spades! As a child I'd wander through my imagination without restraint -- something that didn't always please my teachers or parents. Nevertheless, my make-believe world was usually uplifting and positive. But then there was the recurring dream in which I became separated from my parents because I was too adventurous and wandered away from them. I outgrew that -- eventually. As a college student and young adult, my imagination took a dangerous turn as it placed blinders on my good sense. I chose the wrong boyfriends and suffered because of my poor choices. In my late twenties, two men who would now be called stalkers piqued my romantic imagination. One cooked food and tried to deliver it to me along with flowers and romantic gestures -- harmless, but annoying. The other was anything but harmless as I soon discovered. He learned my name by listening to my conversations with friends. He phoned me often at work, commenting on what I was wearing, my physique (you get the idea). When he wrote a 17-page letter describing what he wanted to give me and how passionate he felt about me, I freaked. It ended with an ominous sentence referring to Arlington National Cemetery. THAT got my imagination roiling!! I made sure I wasn't alone walking to or from work. So. . . imagination is a good thing as long as it's tempered by knowledge and good sense.

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