Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Comb-Over

A reasonably good looking man crossed the street in front of my stopped car yesterday and he had the most amazing comb-over I've ever seen. My first thought was WHY?! Then I wondered how he could believe no one would notice it. It started about 2" above the nape of his neck, went straight up the back of his head and ended in a remarkable swirl on top of his head. It made the front of his hair look as if it was parted on one side and combed toward the other, but there was no part. I was embarrassed for him! My spouse has a lovely balding head with a few, wispy hairs still hanging on at the top. We joke about it, and he knows I would never trade his sweet-smelling, soft-skinned pate for a full head of hair. Too bad other men aren't comfortable enough to BE themselves. There are some very sexy bald/balding men out there and part of their appeal is that they don't let a loss of hair bother them.


Kari said...

It's true! I agree!


I'm not taking anything, just time and space for reflection. Oh, and therapy, oh, and 12 step meetings, oh, and I'm also crazy a lot of the time too. haha.. but I'm trying.

Thank you for being a friend. I really think of you a lot and look forward to your posts! :)

dcpeg said...

I'm honored that you consider me a friend! When I first started reading your blog, I worried about you. Now you sound like you're getting your life back -- HURRAY!!