Sunday, August 26, 2007

Poppy's Birthday

Last evening we celebrated Dad's birthday. It was actually on Thursday, but since two of his daugthers were bringing the "feast," Saturday worked better for us.

Spouse and I were about an hour late due to heavy traffic diverted around a popular, crucial bridge under repair. In view of the Minneapolis disaster, I don't think anyone's complaining too much any more.

Anyway -- back to the birthday -- 7-year-old Alex, who had been looking forward to the event for several days could hardly wait to get through supper and on to the cake his mother baked and decorated. It was Dad's favorite; white cake with peanut butter icing. Being a creative sort, Janet made it even tastier by adding some cocoa powder -- a little like Reese's pieces.

There was no holding Alex back when the cake was served. Breaking with a long-standing family tradition that holds the first bite for the birthday boy or girl, Alex happily dug in and declared it deeeeelicious!

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