Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Hero for Today

Jeremy Hernandez is the young day camp counselor on the school bus that was caught in the Minneapolis bridge collapse. He did what most other, caring humans would have done without thinking twice; he helped the kids get out of the bus and to safety. For this he has been labeled a hero, a title that has been casually awarded these days to people who are actually survivors of dreadful things. Jeremy is a real hero because he risked is own life to help others. That's the definition of a hero! I salute Mr. Hernandez for this and perhaps a little more personally for not abandoning his respite fishing trip away from the hype when the White House requested a photo op. We have something in common. Years ago I was invited to the White House on a hot, humid summer day to witness the signing of a bill on the south lawn. I'm susceptible to heat-related illness, so I politely thanked and declined. The young staffer who phoned with the invitation was positively indignant . Tee Hee!!

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