Sunday, August 5, 2007

LFHS Class of '67

A very talented classmate of mine took this recent picture of the high school from which we graduated four decades ago. She and I and about 200 other classmates recently gathered from far and near to celebrate that fact. (FYI: Actor Vince Vaughn also graduated from LFHS but years later.)
Looks like a country club, doesn't it?

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of one Biff T. and a handful of others, people who grew up together and had not seen each other in decades, spent many hours of quality time reminiscing and catching up on careers and families.

While it was pure joy to hear how classmates had succeeded in their personal and professional lives, it was comforting to know that some of us had slipped and fallen yet managed to pick ourselves up, made better choices and contributed to society. Our privileged youth now is appreciated and evidenced by how we have lived our lives. Some became doctors and lawyers; still more are educators. We have all done good work and can be proud.

Though we graduated during the so-called summer of love, war, assassinations and political upheaval soon obliterated the notion of everyone loving everyone else. Our generation has been cursed and praised for all sorts of things, yet we turned out pretty well. It will be interesting to see what we do in retirement, so: Biff -- I'm offering my help with the 50th.

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