Thursday, August 2, 2007

F-16s Over Foggy Bottom -- Again

Yup, some poor pilot of a tiny Cessna inadvertently flew into restricted airspace yesterday, miles from the Capitol, but close enough to send fighter jets to intercept him. Of course by the time we hear their unmistakable roar close overhead, they've already flown over. Sometimes I instinctively duck when I hear them -- as if that would help . . . Jets also fly in tribute to fallen airmen during funerals at Arlington. Watching the lone plane soar off into the wild blue yonder still brings tears to my eyes. Living across the Potomac from the cemetery and being able to hear more frequent cannon and rifle salutes, reminds me daily of the continuing sacrifices being made by our service members and their families. Air Force jets flew high above DC for many months starting in September 2001. At first it was scary hearing them way up there day and night. Then, it became a comfort knowing they were there, keeping watch over us. I keep our military in my prayers and hope that you will too.

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