Friday, August 31, 2007

Home again

[I just realized I neglected to post this right after we came home. We had such a marvelous time with my sister, her family and Tucker that I decided to post it now -- just a month late.] Spouse and I returned home yesterday evening, narrowly escaping the worst of the evening rush hour. My bravado in driving 1800 miles round-trip to visit family in the midwest vanished when reality set in. That's a lotta mileage -- especially with a spouse who didn't want to drive in the first place. I did all the driving and think it's gonna take a while to recuperate. Still . . . it was worth it! We first crashed quite comfortably at my sister's house in Libertyville, Illinois and I finally got to meet Tucker in person/dog. I was so busy just being with him and observing his charming ways that I totally forgot to photograph him. The good news is that my sister and her family have already captured him on film. Spouse and I felt so at home and so thoroughly enjoyed spending time with nieces and nephews and inlaws, we didn't want to leave. Bro-in-law, Tom took spouse to a Cubs game (which they lost)but quality time was much enjoyed. Patty and I had make-overs done in a department store and walked out looking like slightly greasy ladies of the evening. The night we arrived was a planned joint birthday party for Patty and our sister-in-law at Pete and Phil's gorgeous home. Chef Pierre outdid himself as usual, preparing an extraordinary feast for all 20 of us. I was slap-happy to begin with from driving for two days and got even more so with my wacky family at the party. Slept like a rock that night! I feel so fortunate to have a family like mine. We've all grown into remarkable individuals and forged families of our own that carry on and extend the love we all share.

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