Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh, come on now. . .

. . . . what's with the new study that claims firstborn children have higher IQs than their younger siblings? Looking at my four sibs, I'd call the results malarkey.

I doubt any of us would qualify for genius status, but we all have strengths and talents that make each of us special and unique. And, we are all smart enough to know the value of family and how to keep the peace amongst ourselves.

As in any other family, when we were kids, we had a "pecking order" for teasing and sometimes bullying each other, but we outgrew that long ago. Now, we're more like the five musketeers being supportive when it's needed and goofy the rest of the time. Humor, admiration and respect for each one comes naturally and easily so I'm thinking we're all pretty smart!

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