Monday, June 25, 2007

The King of Arrogance

Marion Barry retains this title, though Dick Cheney is getting closer to taking it away from him. Once again our erstwhile former mayor has avoided jail time for failing -- six times -- to file local and federal taxes. Did he express gratitude for the judge's leniency or express any remorse? Of course not! With a smug, spit-in-their-faces attitude, he casually left the court house and smirked triumphantly for the photographers. It's bad enough that he ignores his tax obligations that actually contribute to his salary as a member of the D.C. Council. Then he works the system to get more of the tax dollars paid by hard-working, honest D.C. residents allocated for his ward. Heaven knows Ward 8 needs all the help it can get after years of neglect, but this man talks out of both sides of his face! He has no right to demand anything from law-abiding, tax-paying residents. Sadly and unbelievably, his constituents admire him and support him regardless of his sins. He is symbolic of so many who have succumbed to alcohol, drugs and the delirium of power. This makes him an abject lesson in how NOT to live one's life, not a figure of admiration.

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