Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It could be worse. . .

We've been broiling during a nasty heat spell. A friend just emailed about a record snow storm where I grew up in Northern Illinois. It reminded me of a big storm here, in February 1978. EVERYTHING shut down. The only way to get around was on skis or feet.
Mid morning, when the sun broke through at the edge of the line of storm clouds, many of us set out to see what was what. I walked about two miles to buy a newspaper from a downtown hotel. Even though it was colder than a well-digger's foot, the city was gorgeous. Following are a few pictures I took on my walk.
Walking down the middle of Constitution Avenue, White House to my right.
Park benches along Constitution where on July 4th, people will be fanning themselves watching the annual Independence Day parade.
Main business drag -- K Street at 17th.
Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th Street.

Funny - my hands and feet are a little cold. Better get outside to warm up a bit. LOL!

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