Friday, June 29, 2007

How's that again?!

In an effort to to excuse their failure to follow federal rules regarding classified documents, Vice President Cheney's office claimed that, since Cheney is not strictly part of the executive branch because he presides over the Senate, he was in the legislative branch, which has different rules. Huh? In light of such convoluted thinking [or playing along with it], Democratic Caucus Chairman, Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) argued that if Cheney wasn't part of the executive branch then he wasn't entitled to the $4 million annually budgeted for the vice presidential residence and its upkeep, entertainment and transportation. In a speech on the House floor, Mr. Emanuel added: "There have been 46 vice presidents in U.S. history and not one of them knew this or ever claimed this position. Perhaps the vice president thought he occupied an undisclosed branch of government." That sounds about right to me, considering how Mr. Cheney does business. He has a truly remarkable mind when it comes to evasion and illusion. Too bad he doesn't put that brain power to good purpose. He hasn't won any friends or allies skulking around as he does -- but maybe he doesn't care. . .

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