Thursday, June 14, 2007


About the same time I brought home a new package of markers, a great friend phoned and we chatted for a looooong time. One thing led to another et voila!

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Kari said...

Nice doodle!


It's funny you'd tell me to sweat, I have no sweat glands. Strange, eh? I've always thought it was sorta cool at the same time tho, to be so unique.

Thats why I swim... no need to sweat in the water. It keeps me cool.

And yeah.. I'm not always depressed.. sometimes it's the other direction. Elation.

Tomorrow it will have been 3 years since my mom died, and it's hard to shake that memory. Especially when the hay is in the field in the same way, and the corn is just as high as it was then, the last time I saw her alive.

Thanks for the post. :)