Monday, May 28, 2007

Nature vs. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Even the title of this post indicates the simplicity nature offers as opposed to the complex chemical compounds created and heavily marketed by pharmaceutical manufacturers (PMs). Now the PMs are offering women the opportunity to avoid their menstrual cycles completely. My double-take on this one was out of genuine disbelief and horrified shock. Could this be another ploy by the male-dominated PMs to control women and make men's lives easier by eliminating a perceived excuse for women to avoid sex with them?! Why should women use such artificial means to avoid the inconvenience and yes, pain of a natural process. Once ibuprofen came onto the market, the pain part was virtually eliminated for many of us. Why aren't the PMs working on new and improved male contraceptives? Think they're afraid of mood swings, weight gain and maybe cancer? Can't have that -- they wouldn't know how to cope! All the contraceptive and male enhancing drugs we are swallowing in increasing quantities make their way into our rivers and lakes through urine. Fish with both male and female sex organs and amphibians with odd mutations should be warning signs that something we humans are doing is out of kilter, to say the least. Unless the PMs take this message to heart their profit margins will continue to dictate how they want us to live our lives. Enough already!

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