Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend '07

With the thousands of Harley's in town for the annual Memorial Day Rolling Thunder event, I thought about friends I'd lost during the war in Vietnam. That was just too sad, so I moved on to those who had survived.
This picture was shot during the summer of 1969 in Dupont Circle, here in DC. As soon as my friend Barry graduated from college, he was drafted. Before he went overseas, he dropped in to see me. I'm glad there were photographers cruising the city looking for just such opportunities.

Barry and I went to a small college in Iowa and during his senior year (my sophomore year), he took me to his fraternity's formal dance. He was a member of Phi Kappa Tau, a true gentlemen's fraternity -- at least at that time and place. We corresponded for several years, then I guess we both moved on to other people. I heard he married a girl from his Massachusetts hometown and I started dating a local guy.

I'll take time later today to remember those who didn't make it back from Vietnam and all the other places we've sent our young men and women to fight and die.


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