Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rutgers Ladies

It made me so sad to read that some of the Rutger's women's basketball players feel that they are scarred for life following a despicable comment made by a radio talking head. If anything, these young ladies should consider themselves classy heroines! So many celebrities have made excuses for "slips of the tongue" lately -- they didn't mean to say what they said. Bull!! Spontaneity can be dangerous for people who don't have pure hearts and thoughts. After all, what's a Freudian slip? It's the unconscious mind speaking out loud. To those who have been so rudely, verbally assaulted by these nitwits, I suggest that they don't take them seriously. They are flawed and don't deserve all the attention they get. Many celebrities consider any notoriety valuable because it keeps them in the public eye. My eye has been poked one time too many to give further thought to such degenerates.

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