Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pharoah's Eye

In a previous post, I mentioned our trip to Egypt. It was so mind-boggling and filled with new sites, sounds and smells, I have to break it into episodes.

Mid-visit, we returned to the pyramids in Giza in the evening for a marvelous sound and light show. We got there early and, it being Ramadan, folks were gathered in groups, waiting for the sun to set so that they could eat and drink again. It was a festive atmosphere with camel drivers offering/insisting that we purchase rides. Having enjoyed that experience earlier in the week, we politely declined.

One of my Dad's colleagues and I set out to walk around the pyramid of Cheops. There was a full moon and the sky was turning that gorgeous deep blue of late evening. Bright lights lit the pyramids and just as we simultaneously voiced our wish to view them by moonlight, the lights went out! A nervous chuckle gave way to a sort of reverent silence.

Some distance away, a small stone caught my eye. On close inspection, I found what looked like an eye in the natural rock formation. Under those circumstances it wasn't hard to believe that the spirits of the pharaohs linger around their desert tombs. I just hope none of them minded me keeping the stone. . .

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