Thursday, April 19, 2007


In 1981 my Dad took my youngest sister and me with him on a business trip to Egypt and Greece. We stayed in Cairo for 8 days, touring whenever Dad was not in meetings. I'll go into that more in another post but for now I want to remember our three days in Greece.

Arriving in Athens after days in arid though stunningingly beautiful Egypt was like landing on another planet. Surrounded by sapphire blue water, spotted with blindingly white houses and ancient olive orchards the Greek Isles took my breath away.

We spent solid days driving around in a tiny, cramped, little car trying to cram in as many sites as we could. It was mid-summer, so it was HOT!

When we finally reached the island of Korinthos my sister and I simply had to get out of the car to walk on the beach. I think Dad was ready for a breather, too. I cannot remember a time when I more enjoyed stepping into cold water.

The beach was very stoney making barefooting painful. Then I noticed the interesting stryations in the beach pebbles. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I picked up a few as mementos. The theater at Epidorus was impressive as were the Parthenon and all the other sites we visited, but Korinthos . . . aaaah!

Oh -- and our cab driver from the airport looked just like actor Michael Sarrazin -- oh yeah!!

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