Sunday, April 8, 2007

George and Martha

The population of Bald Eagles in our region is growing. This is great news and has caused quit a stir among bridge builders working on a new Wilson Bridge to carry Beltway traffic over the Potomac. The workers who first spotted the mating pair in 1990 nicknamed them George and Martha and cheered their 16 eaglets. Last year a younger female eagle attacked Martha, nearly killing her. She was nicknamed "Camilla", "Angelina" and "Charlotte the Harlot", depending on which construction worker was asked. Martha was treated by a vet and spent weeks recovering in a bird sanctuary in Delaware. When released, she soon made her way back to George. Last September, Martha flew into a power line or tree limb and had to be euthanized. The bridge builders and many in the region were saddened by the news, but Martha's rival soon moved in with George and their courtship began. George may still be mourning his mate or "Angelina" isn't as comfortable being so close to 200,000 vehicles crossing the bridge each day. There are no new eggs -- yet.

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