Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Think about it. . .

If you haven't already thought about what you want your obituary to say, it's never too early to start. Ya, ya, ya -- too morbid when we're so young. Morbid, maybe, but not good to ignore. You don't want to be remembered for the time you shook hands with some VIP with a trail of toilet paper stuck to your shoe, do ya?

I've been sorting through old photos and think I have just the right one to put in my obituary.

It was taken by a lovely man from across the room during a raucus party, right after I'd coughed myself breathless trying to drink wine and laugh simultaneously following a fabulous joke. Don't remember the joke (darn!) but do remember my panic. Anyway, I think the photo makes me look sorta Mona Lisa-esque -- what do you think?

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