Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Where's winter?!

Having been challenged by a member of the younger generation to get with it and start my own blog I decided to go ahead and accept her challenge! Guess I had nothing better to do on this very cold Wednesday evening. The sun is setting and most of the piddling little bit of snow we got last night is still hanging on. Having been a Midwesterner the first 20 years of my life, I like winter to be winter. This one has been disappointing with way too many warm days and way too few snowflakes. Still have up a tree with lights and tiny, feathered birds. Took off all the Christmasy stuff, so I'm calling it my Winter Tree. It adds warmth and color during these cold, gray days. Weather is such a feeble topic of conversation! I hope someone will give me something else to react to. How 'bout it, Nan?


Nan said...

Ooo, my challenge is met, and the gauntlet is thrown. I'm going to have to put on my thinking cap now!

Patty said...

I too, have a small "evergreen" tree in my house complete with a few birds perched upon its limbs. This tree had a number of glass ornaments on it during the Christmas season, but they are now safely packed away until next December. I find this coincidence rather telling, no? That two sisters (not twins, mind you...)had the identical thought regarding a small holiday tree.

There is one distinct difference however. This small tree with its avian congregation, stands in a corner of my house to remind me that spring and summer will indeed come again. That the ice, snow and slush of February, March and April will give way to the long, warm days of summer - That the parka, mittens and boots will yield to T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops.

You ask, "Where's winter?". I ask, Where's summer? Two sisters. Two small trees. Two cities. Too sad.

dcpeg said...

What's sad about it is that we're so far apart, Patty! Peter just wrote that he's been feeding dozens of doves at feeders under their deck. Pretty!