Monday, February 12, 2007

"Twilight Zone" moment

In a fit of cabin fever, I decided I needed to visit a favorite crafts store, looking for inspiration. With snow accumulations expected (finally!) tomorrow, I thought how nice it would be to attempt something colorful and creative following a dreaded dental appointment in the morning. I purchased an enormous set of colored pencils remembering that I already had an ample supply of paper from previous, dismal attempts to draw. Nevertheless, hope sprang eternal! Upon returning home, I picked up a package I thought was a back-ordered DVD. When I opened the Amazon box the theme music from Rod Serling's show started playing in my head. Instead of the DVD, it was a book called "Walking in this World" by Julia Cameron who also wrote "Artist's Way." Before emptying my bags from Trader Joe's and the art store, I sat down and started reading. Nan -- you really got me with this one! So much of what Ms. Cameron wrote about I'd felt before. It was almost freaky how she nailed so much of my philosophy about life. Her book, however, gave me a plan with which to follow through, something I've been neglecting for years. Thank you just doesn't cut it, Girl! You're the best!!

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Nan said...

Tee hee. Happy Walking! Love ya!